Patch Notes - Vol III Book 2 Patch 1

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Release Notes - Volume III, Book 2, Patch 1

Release Notes


  • Several references to the Lorebook within the game have been updated to read "MyLOTRO" instead of "Lorebook". Clicking on the "MyLOTRO" button on the radar ring will now take you to your MyLOTRO page and provide access to all Community Sites from directly within the game.
  • Characters who logged out while in the Fornost or Great Barrow instances before Volume III, Book 2 went live can now log in again.
  • You should no longer see an interior map from an area you have left while out in the world.

Dynamic Layering

  • Players in the Archet and Ered Luin starting areas can now transfer to the same layer as their fellowship leaders.
  • Players will no longer experience multiple teleports when switching to Dynamic Layers.
  • Teleporting between Housing areas and Dynamic Layers now works properly.



  • The Captain’s Armaments for the Man-at-arms, the Squire and the Pilgrim will now allow the summoning of Heralds of Hope and Victory instead of always summoning Heralds of War.


  • The Champion legacy that increases Critical Damage magnitude will now affect the second and third attacks for all skills.


  • All daily quests have had their minimum bestowal levels correctly set.

The Ettenmoors (PvMP)

  • Tomes of Deed Acceleration no longer advance monster play kill deeds.

Raids & Instances

  • Leave Instance now works correctly for session players.
  • In certain cases the instance, "Rise of the Fallen Son" could not be completed. This has been corrected.
  • The Blind One, Zholuga, and Nornan somehow opened up the cabinet with the bag of extra-steroid-infused Monster Chow. We've installed child-proof locks on the cabinet, so the Blind One, Zholuga, and Nornan are back to their old selves. Or, to put it another way:
  • Reduced the Damage-over-Time effects in the Turtle Raid to their previous values.
  • Reduced the effects "Virulent Contagion" & "Paralyzing Contagion" in Dar Narbugud to their previous values.

Haudh Iarcith

  • The door to the epic area now requires a minimum level of 45 to open.
  • Westernesse protection has been removed from several monsters.
  • Addressed an incorrect loot assignment.
  • Spawn timers on the bosses have been dramatically reduced.

Great Barrow: Thadur

  • Removed some adds from the boss fight.
  • The Challenge quest should now work properly.

Great Barrow: Sambrog

  • Adds will now correctly clear when the boss resets.

Great Barrow: Maze

  • The challenge quest now correctly fails when the fight is reset.

Helegrod: Drake Wing

  • Deeds will now correctly update while you are in a raid.

Helegrod: Spider Wing

  • Deeds will now correctly update while you are in a raid.
  • The deed, "Zaudru's Brood" now requires 100 kills.


  • The set bonus on the level 65 Armour of the Aurochs Hunter set has been fixed to properly reduce the cool-down of "Penetrating Shot" when all 6 pieces are equipped.
  • The level 65 Annúminas armor will no longer accept dyes as the armor does not support them.
  • "Map to Thorin's Hall" will no longer play a cinematic when used.
  • The deed "Helegrod -- Drake Wing" no longer advertises the deed acceleration item. This deed cannot be accelerated.
  • Novice's Mark will no longer conflict with the run speed perks purchased from the Destiny Panel or the LOTRO Store.
  • Fixed some auto-consumed skill-granting items that were not setup to auto-consume if the player was mounted when purchasing them from the LOTRO Store.
  • The "Veteran Esquire's Heavy Mail" had its name accidentally changed to "Veteran Recruit's Heavy Mail" and its level reduced to 27. This item now has the correct name and its level increased to 37.
  • "Comagol", a "Rangers of Esteldin" kindred rep sword, now has a "Rangers of Esteldin' faction requirement instead of "Wardens of Annúminas".

Town Services

  • Vendors that sell steeds no longer repair items.


  • Items with unique color palettes can now be cosmetically equipped from the wardrobe correctly.


  • In Volume I, Book 1 Chapter 11, you are no longer able to interrupt the scene with Sambrog while he's talking.
  • In Volume I, Book 3 Chapter 5, you will no longer see the message, "Drukordh has been defeated!", until you've actually defeated him.