Patch Notes - May 15th, 2007

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Patches(17 C, 2 P)


  • The prohibited names ("taboo list") has been updated. It should now be less restrictive
  • Guardians can now play some musical instruments at level 5.
  • Fixed a bug with "Mischievous Glee" (Burglar) and "Sign of Power: Wizardry" (Lore-master) that was causing some enemies to assist the player in combat.
  • The sky-diving NPC in Bree has been grounded, and will stop dropping from the sky now.
  • In the “Shield Brothers” quest, players will no longer have to worry if the wight slave is killed by someone else. Using the barrow door again will cause the wight to re-appear so they can complete the quest.
  • Bosses in instances are no longer scared of the players! They are immune to fear and will not be sent running like little scared hobbitses!
  • Players can now destroy any and all of their Pre-order items if they so wish. This includes, but is not limited to, the Ring of Agility. Be warned, however, that once you've destroyed the item, that character can never get it back!
  • Removed uncommon & rare loot drops from Tarburz the Wood Troll.
  • Fixed a problem where some players were unable to enter any private instances.
  • The problem with Undying titles not being granted to players has been identified and fixed. We’re still looking into whether we can retroactively grant the titles to those who didn’t receive them because they were fellow’d up in an instance with another player who died. This may not be possible, but we’ll try!
  • Fixed pathing issues with the Rhavameldir encounter in Fornost and the Lagmas encounter in Urugarth.
  • The Auction UI will now properly enable Kinship Only options when an online player’s Kinship reaches the appropriate Lifespan Rank (6).
  • Fixed the following bugs on machines running Windows XP. A Windows Vista fix is still being investigated:
  • Players will no longer see their Overall Graphics Quality as "Custom" when they log in if they had originally set it to Low, Med, High, Very High, etc.
  • Fixed a bug which caused certain Graphics Options to reset to 0 every time the game was started.
  • The "Fresh Steeds for Bree" quest will now complete normally.

Known Issues

  • On the quest ‘Fresh Steed for Bree’, Éogar sends you to Bree to deliver a horse to Bill Rosewood. You’ll notice that a quest ring does not appear over Bill’s head (or on the radar). Ride the horse up to him as closely as possible to complete the quest - that should get his attention!
  • When in a fellowship, you may not receive credit for the completion of an instance quest unless you yourself speak to the NPC which starts the instance. In light of this, when fellowships plan to run an instanced quest, members who wish to receive credit for the quest should not use the "Travel Now" option. Players should decline this option and instead, speak to the NPC themselves to enter the instance and join their fellows. A change to the Travel Now dialog box will be made in a future patch to help clear up any confusion.
  • At level 40 the enhanced xp perk (purchased with destiny points) is off by a decimal point, granting 10x the expected rest XP. This is ONLY at level 40
  • The recipes for Greater Celebrant Salve and Greater Athelas Salve are backwards; Celebrant teaches Athelas, and vice versa. Hang on to the recipes, because we'll fix this retroactively in an upcoming patch.
  • If players log out during the Newbie dwarf raid "Skorgrím's Tomb," the walls and entities may disappear. If this occurs, players should open their quest log, click on the Quest for the instance, then hit Cancel Quest to be removed from the instance and start the quest over again.
  • In a field of like creatures, it is difficult to determine who will be tracked both before and after using the skill.
  • The mouse pointer is lost when using mouse controls to steer the character and a dialog box appears onscreen.
  • Animations are choppy when the game is run in windowed mode on a non-primary monitor.
  • The Orc Reaver trait for flaming weapons should display a flame fx, but doesn’t.
  • If the player opens their map in a dungeon and chooses "Show Map" to view any other area, the map's fog-of-war gets refreshed, covering the explored area.
  • When you equip a weapon or weapons while stealthed, they remain faded out even upon exiting stealth, and stay faded at all times until they are un-equipped and re-equipped.
  • Equipped items sometimes don’t change colour when dye is applied. Un-equipping and re-equipping should fix this.
  • Players may sometimes see references to "Accomplishments" throughout the game. These are what are now called Deeds, and are the same thing.
  • The Flute does not have an associated sound effect.

Source: Official LOTRO Forum