Patch Notes - March 19, 2007

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March 19, 2007 Patch Notes

(April 13th on EU servers)


Just a few this time, since we're so close to launch - but we'll start with a big one!

  • East Angmar is now open! This area is intended for levels 45-50, and is not for the faint of heart!
  • Rain has been temporarily disabled. Enjoy the sunny weather!
  • The "Waiting for server" message has been removed.
  • Lots of work on the back end to improve performance and stability.
  • Fixed the problem with some video chipsets displaying black spots instead of faces.
  • The purchasing cost of level 2 skills has been reduced slightly.
  • The pre-order items are now destructable. They cannot be sold because they have a value of zero, but can be destroyed by the player.

Known Issues


  • There was a problem with monster player characters being incorrectly tagged as player characters, thereby preventing players from entering monster play if they had a total of 5 PCs and pre-existing MPCs. This problem will be permanently fixed with the upcoming character wipe, but until then, players with 5 PCs + MPCs who wish to create a new monster player must delete one of the PCs before they can create the MPC.
  • Some Deeds were adjusted in a previous update. They are:
    • Captain:
      • Captain’s Hope
      • Captain’s Victory
      • Captain’s Valour
      • Strong Voice
    • Champion:
      • Blood-lust
  • Following the update, if your current progress is above the limit (eg 238/200) then you will not be able to complete the Deed. The new limits are working as designed for characters who did not exceed the limit before it was adjusted, so this will not be fixed as it will not be an issue following the character wipe before Open Beta.
  • Armour that is dyed while it is worn will not show the new color until it is removed and re-equipped.
  • The flute sound effect is not working for Minstrels.
  • The “Book” search in the Auction house is not working correctly.
  • Multiple issues can cause your sound to stop playing. These will be fixed in an upcoming patch. Muting and unmuting your sound can help, as can changing your sound device to hardware.
  • There is an issue with maps that can cause some explored areas to disappear from the map if any other area is viewed.
  • Players will occasionally still encounter the “black screen” issue, where the screen goes black except for the UI. We continue to hunt and squash this bug with extreme prejudice.
  • In monster play, certain Black Arrow passive skills cannot currently be trained.
  • The Old Forest will be re-worked in an upcoming version to have its torches removed (torches?! In the Old Forest? What madness!), the path to Tom Bombadil’s house made more obscure, and other miscellaneous tweaks to make it more lore-appropriate.
  • Rushlight, Hornblower, and Old Toby seeds are missing from the game but will be added as loot in a future update! Thanks for catching this one!
  • Escort instances: If the players logs out and the escorted NPC is killed before they log back in, the instance will fail to be reset. If this happens, the player should log out or cancel the quest and wait for 5 minutes before trying again.
  • There is a known issue discovered late last week that affects some medium armour and results in them having very low armour-level. This will be fixed in a later update.
  • The following list contains the names & item level of the affected items. This bug only exists in the minority of medium armour items and doesn’t affect any light or heavy armour items.
6 crafting items are hit with this bug, 1 quest reward item, and the rest are treasure drops.
Item Name and Level
From Loot
  • "Reinforced Leather Gauntlets" - 30
  • "Reinforced Westernesse Leather Gauntlets" - 50
  • "Reinforced Leather Boots" - 33
  • "Reinforced Dwarf Leather Boots" - 43
  • "Reinforced Leather Leggings" - 38
  • "Reinforced Leather Shirt" - 22
  • "Reinforced Dwarf Leather Shirt" - 45
  • "Reinforced Elven Leather Jacket" - 32
  • "Reinforced Leather Shoulder Pads" - 37
  • "Reinforced Elven Leather Shoulder Guards" - 50
  • "Reinforced Elven Pointed Helm" - 41
  • "Reinforced Leather Gauntlets of Rallying" - 30
  • "Gleaming Leather Gauntlets" - 50
  • "Treated Leather Boots" - 33
  • "Reinforced Leather Boots of Fleetness" - 43
  • "Reinforced Leather Leggings of Determination" - 38
  • "Reinforced Leather Shirt of Vigour" - 22
  • "Reinforced Leather Shirt of Fate" - 45
  • "Shining Leather Jacket" - 32
  • "Reinforced Leather Shoulder Pads of Might" - 37
  • "Reinforced Leather Shoulder Guards of Fate" - 50
  • "Gleaming Dwarf Leather Gauntlets" - 30
  • "Reinforced Dwarf Leather Gauntlets of Courage" - 50
  • "Reinforced Dwarf Leather Boots of Fleetness" - 33
  • "Reinforced Dwarf Leather Boots of Fleetness" - 43
  • "Reinforced Dwarf Leather Leggings of Courage" - 38
  • "Reinforced Dwarf Leather Shirt of Fate" - 22
  • "Shining Dwarf Leather Shirt" - 45
  • "Reinforced Dwarf Leather Jacket of Determination" - 32
  • "Reinforced Dwarf Leather Shoulder Pads of Might" - 37
  • "Reinforced Dwarf Leather Shoulder Guards of Fleetness" - 50
  • "Reinforced Elven Leather Gauntlets of Might" - 30
  • "Reinforced Elven Leather Gauntlets of Rallying" - 50
  • "Reinforced Elven Leather Boots of Vigour" - 33
  • "Reinforced Elven Leather Boots of Determination" - 43
  • "Reinforced Elven Leather Leggings of Fate" - 38
  • "Reinforced Elven Leather Shirt of Determination" - 45
  • "Reinforced Elven Leather Jacket of Vigour" - 32
  • "Reinforced Elven Leather Shoulder Pads of Vigour" - 37
  • "Reinforced Elven Leather Shoulder Guards of Fate" - 50
  • "Reinforced Westernesse Leather Gauntlets of Rallying" - 50
  • "Shining Westernesse Leather Shirt" - 45
  • "Reinforced Westernesse Leather Shoulder Guards of Determination" - 50
  • "Bargserk" - 43
  • "Horse-shift" - 50
  • "Nail-treaders" - 30
  • "Hard-heels" - 50
  • "Grundbog" - 50
  • "Stanhelm" - 50
  • "Sterklófi" - 50
From Crafting
  • "Tough Skirmisher's Helm" - 31
  • "Tough Skirmisher's Gloves" - 31
  • "Tough Skirmisher's Armour" - 31
  • "Tough Skirmisher's Leggings" - 31
  • "Tough Skirmisher's Boots" - 31
  • "Tough Skirmisher's Shoulder Guards" - 31
From Quest Rewards
  • "Coruthor" - NA