Item:Tome of Agility 11 (Incomparable)

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Tome of Agility 11

Item Information

This item grants the skill  Agility: Rank 11

Acquisition Information

  • This is a very rare world drop
This item has a chance to drop from Classic Instances.

This item can be found inside the following:

 Anórien Iron-bound Lootboxes
 Quartermaster's Reward
 Pelargir Quartermaster's Reward
 Quartermaster's Fine Armaments
 Humble Gifts of Rohan
 Gifts of Rohan
 Treasures of Rohan
 Humble Gifts of Pelargir
 Gifts of Pelargir
 Treasures of Pelargir
Item:Gold Chest
Item:Fancy Gold Chest

Alternate version  Tome of Agility 11

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