Book 10 (Part 3) (2007-08-17)

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Book 10 (Part 3) (2007-08-17)

Book 10: The City of Kings - Part 3

User Interface New/Changed Options

  • There is a new 'Try On' button in the vendor 'buy' dialog screen. Pressing the button will equip the item for the avatar in the dressing room ("Does this make my butt look fat?).
  • You can now disable the Dread/Hope FX! The option is "Enable Dread Effects" located in the "Special Effects Options" section of the "UI Settings" option tab.
  • Added a new UI option, "Floating Text Always On Top" that will force floating labels for characters to always draw on top of 3D objects (Legacy behavior.)
  • Added a new UI option, "Floating Text Size" that allows you to change the size of text that appears above characters and objects.
  • There is now a way to select your tracked mob and the tracked mobs of the hunters in your fellowship (if they have the trait active). See the Key Bindings option page and look for Select Next Tracked and Select Previous Tracked
  • Added a Reputation panel to the Character UI.
  • The Dressing Room key mapping is now under the Panels section.
  • You can now click anywhere on a raid member's pet vitals to select that pet.
  • The ESC key now properly closes text item windows when reading notes and such.
  • There's no longer a re-bindable key mapping for "Drop Camera," which wasn't usable anyway.
  • Added a new bindable input action for the fellowship maneuver assist button.
  • Now the fellowship maneuver UI buttons can be fully mapped, so no more mouse clicks!
  • Added a new Combat Option so you can disable skill buttons being used to target nearest enemy if you do not have a selection when pressed.
  • The key binding for Item Sell Locking is set to (Ctrl+T) by default now
  • Added new key bindings for assisting individual Fellowship members. These default to SHIFT+F2 through SHIFT+F6.
  • Vault bags do not automatically show themselves when the vault is opened. You can open all vault bags by pressing the "I" button (default)

UI Skinning

  • There are a whole ton of new art assets that can be skinned! See the updated (available on after August 20) for samples!
  • Fixed the bug where you had to replace one image in order to get image repositioning to work.
  • There are two new keywords in the SkinDefinition.xml file that you can use to identify the origin that an element should scale from. These new keywords are ScaleOriginX and ScaleOriginY.


  • Added door examination tooltips.
  • Items requiring a Rank 1 rating now show that in their tooltips.
  • Tooltips now show consumable items.
  • Items once again show if they are able to be destroyed in their tooltips.
  • Critical success crafted weapons now show the crafter's inscription in tooltips.
  • Tooltips for items which grant traits now also show a tooltip for the granted trait.
  • Barter and Reputation items will show themselves as such in tooltips.
  • English only: Many tooltip description strings have been updated to be more succinct.


  • The ;target alias should now work properly. This alias is replaced by the selected target's name.
  • Raid/Fellowship leaders trying to target mark entities should no longer have trouble when the menu hides behind the main one.
  • No longer can you have the target marks overlap on a marked entity


  • The fellow/raid mini vitals will now display "defeated" over the vitals when a fellow member is incapacitated.
  • The G15 keyboard LCD's morale and power values are now consistent with what's shown on the UI.
  • Better text feedback will be provided when an NPC dies due to a scripted event.
  • Inspecting another player will inform you of his/her race (human, elf, etc.)
  • The vital bars (morale and power) of a fellow's pet now decrease from the right, like all fellow's vitals.
  • You can now see a Summoned Oath Breaker's vitals when selected.
  • The text of your maximum morale now correctly reflects any dread you may have.
  • Reinforcements summoned by mobs now show vitals when selected.
  • The value shown when examining stacks of items now reflects the total value of the stack instead of the value of an individual item.
  • Show Surname and Show Rank options are now grouped under the Floating Information section.


  • If you right-click while dismounting or /following, you'll no longer lose your ability to mouselook.
  • Fixed the help-string for the '/shortcut' command
  • Fixed a bug where the stack indicator in the vendor panel stays visible if you shut the vendor UI with Shift held down.
  • Increased response time for Kinship UI when toggling online/offline option.
  • Items will dye while equipped - no need to un-equip then re-equip.
  • You'll get an error if you try to dye an item with the same color the item already is.
  • The various UIs involving skills, perks and traits are all more consistent, both in looks and behaviors.
  • The out of range icon will no longer remain behind in the skill queue display.
  • Cooldown timers now always show seconds when the time remaining is less than 1 hour.
  • Fixed a bug which when dragging quickslots left an empty hole behind.
  • If you hide your UI with F12, it will now stay hidden after going through a doorway.
  • No more "not while swimming" error messages while trying to play music while jumping.
  • No more "General Error" when using /stuck sometimes.
  • Fixed a problem where you could occasionally be unable to cancel an action by clicking on the progress bar.
  • You'll no longer get the background, shadow or blue glow of one icon on top of another.
  • The progress bar is no longer stuck "on" when you reposition it while active.
  • Fixed a little graphics issue with the quest reward displays.
  • Mouse scroll wheel now works correctly in the reputation page of your character journal.
  • Better errors given for weird client problems we hope you never see. (ed. note: Left this in ‘cause it was kinda funny. -Patience)
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the melee effectiveness field in the character journal to be empty sometimes if you logged in while wielding a shield in your off-hand.
  • Reduced the chances of attacking a defeated foe with a skill that was already initiated and progressing through the induction/warm-up timer, e.g. the Hunter's "Swift Bow" skill.
  • Fixed a problem with Context Menus not showing up for fellowship members.
  • Floating text labels have been improved. In general, they're smaller on distant objects and interact with 3D scenery more appropriately. Also, they now scale properly with your resolution settings.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause option values on sliders to not be saved between logins.
  • If you used the /alias command to bind an alias to a quickslot, it would place it one past the specified position. This has been fixed.
  • You will no longer see the blue mouse rollover image on items when dragging them.
  • Fixed a bug where you could delete all the text from the various tabs in the game. Note that this would only affect your client, and would reset if you logged out.
  • /who should work as expected now
  • Players can remove the "New Overlay" more clearly when they hover over the skill icon in the skill tree.
  • Fixed the sorting problem with some categories of fellowship maneuvers.


  • Kinship updates: Added a 4th member rank called "Recruit". When you are initially invited into a kinship this is the rank you will be given. This rank has no titles and can only chat with the kinship (cannot use Kinship Auctions).
  • The Kinship UI has been reorganized. There is a checkbox that allows you to see Online Members only. This is on by default.
  • Kinship Members can now add a Player Note on the Kinship Page for themselves. These notes can be viewed by all members of the Kinship by pressing the "Change View" button.
  • More Kinship Lifespan Ranks have been added. When viewing the Next Kinship Rank, you now see how long until that Rank will be reached.
  • The "Usurp" function is now available! (Added 8/20)


  • By popular demand, increased the maximum size of the chat window from 768x512 to 1024x1024. Note that the larger your chat window, the more video memory it will use!
  • Dialogs, loot windows and other popup windows will no longer steal focus from a text element. For example, if you're typing in the chat window when a fellowship request comes in, and you keep typing, you'll still be chatting - not canceling the request and popping up a dozen windows. Yay!
  • Page up and page down keys no longer scroll the chat window twice per press.
  • You can once again turn your chat window completely transparent.
  • The Friends list should no longer show ??? for the area of a logged out player


  • Travel and mounting is blocked during some emotes (sitting for example).
  • Emotes are now blocked while crafting.
  • Added over 40 new emotes! Many of these new emotes commands are text only and do not have associated animations:
    • agree
    • lol
    • nothing
    • attack
    • charge
    • fight
    • ready
    • think
    • bother
    • tear
    • story
    • brb
    • ahem
    • mumble
    • clap
    • wink
    • assist
    • stare
    • sorry
    • calm
    • blush
    • burp
    • stretch
    • rest
    • oop (Out Of Power)
    • poke
    • hug
    • pat
    • wait
    • drool
    • sweat
    • followme
    • giggle
    • yawn
    • wince
    • shiver
    • congratulate
    • curtsey
    • grumble
    • innocent
    • whistle
    • fidget
    • slap


  • Evendim now has birds!
  • Various floating objects around the world have been grounded, various texture seams cleaned up, and various stuck locations fixed.
  • The Decayed of Imlad Balchorth are now more common.
  • The Superior Workbench that was hanging out beneath the ground at the farms north of Hobbiton has been removed.
  • The herd of Deer kept within Tornstones in the Lone-lands should no longer flee when approached. Gone are the legions of northward facing Deer outside of Ost Guruth.
  • Gath Forthnir now has a Milestone.
  • Imlad Balchorth, Himbar and Nan Gurth are now serviced by a new rally point.
  • Players who suffer defeat in Tyrn Fornech should now appear at the Parth Aduial Rally Point upon release.
  • Players should no longer get stuck in an inescapable pit in the Gates of Carn Dum instance.
  • Upon defeat in Himbar, Imlad Balchorth and Nan Gurth, players will now rally to a new rally point in northeastern Angmar.
  • All public dungeons in Angmar now use normal landscape regeneration rates.
  • Deer, rabbits, and other critters would run Northward to escape the Eye of Sauron. They have recently discovered Angmar, which scares the little guys just as much as Sauron. Knowing that there is no safe place to run, they'll flee in any direction in a panic.

Town services

  • Captain trainers now sell banners of war, victory, and hope.
  • Removed carrots and mushrooms from being sold at grocers and suppliers. These items should be provided to players only by farmers.


  • The Evendim map has been updated for accuracy.
  • More map note kinds are visible in the more distant maps. For instance, Bree-land and The Shire maps now show most every map note type. Look at the filter and see for yourself!
  • You now have to mouse over a map note's image, not just its bounding box, to get a tooltip.
  • No more map notes poking through the map's Fog of War in areas you haven't yet discovered.

Music System

  • Other players will no longer see music system errors when you're teleported while playing.

Adoptions/Notary System/Bios

  • Monster Players and Players are no longer allowed to adopt each other - There will be no coercing with the enemy!
  • There is now a 'notary' NPC available for monster players in the Ettenmoors.


  • Dealt a telling blow to Sauron's auction pilfering operation! (AKA - Fixed a bug in the Auction System which would occasionally consume an item and send out "Sauron stole my l00t" letters.)
  • Auction UI: It is no longer possible to enter non-alpha characters into the Name Search field.
  • Auction UI: The Item Name field will now start a search when the enter key is pressed inside of it.
  • Auction UI: When bidding on an Auction - if the bid price reaches the buyout price, the Auction UI will treat the bid as a buyout instead of prompting the user to hit the buyout button.
  • The Auction UI will now keep around a record of recently posted items! When a player posts an item, and then drags the same item again into the Auction UI again, the UI will automatically populate itself with the last values used for that item. Handy for Crafters!
  • Fixed a bug in the Auction UI's Duration Sorter. The sort was using the Auction's Duration, not the Auction's Time Remaining! This would cause strangeness, such as 1 hour remaining being displayed as greater than 1 day remaining. All better now.
  • The Auction UI was displaying the wrong required level for items. This has been corrected.
  • Fixed a bug in the Auction UI which would cause the buyout price to be deleted.
  • Updated the Auction UI to better limit the amount of numbers entered into a currency field. You can now only enter two copper digits, and three silver digits.
  • The Auction UI will now properly clear the buyout fields when an item is dragged out of the post slot.
  • Auction hall money displays now show all denominations except for leading zero ones. For example: "1g 0s 100c", or "5s 0c", or "41c", etc.
  • You can now right-click a mail message to open it.


  • After hitting the "Reply" button, the newly opened window will have focus on the "Body" field instead of the "To" field.