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Yavanna Kementári (Quenya for Fruit-giver, Queen of the Earth) is one of the Valier, the queens of the Valar, and close behind Varda in the reverence of the Elves. She is Vána's elder sister and wife of Aulë, who made the Dwarves. Melian the Maia was said to be akin to Yavanna, and Radagast the Brown was originally one of her Maiar.

Yavanna made many of the plants of Middle-earth, and in collaboration with others of the Valar many of its creatures. The Ents are her creatures, a gift from Eru Ilúvatar to assuage her fears that none of her creations would be safe from Dwarves, Elves, and Men.

Among Yavanna's creations were the Two Trees, Laurelin and Telperion, which lit Valinor all through the Years of the Trees until they were destroyed by Ungoliant and Morgoth. After their destruction, Yavanna said that she could never again make their equal.

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