Wrought by the Black Land

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Wrought by the Black Land-icon.png
Wrought by the Black Land
  • Characteristic
  • Increased Might and Agility, improved resistance to Shadow and Disease - It is whispered that Sauron bred some among the Stout-axes using the same methods that had produced the mighty Uruk-hai and Olog-hai. Whether that is truly so is unknown, even to the Wise, but it is certain that the Stout-axes have grown accustomed to the unforgiving realm of Mordor.
  • +1% Shadow Mitigation
    +1% Disease Resistance
    +15 Might
    +5 Agility

Skill Information

  • Race: Stout-axe
  • Level: 1
  • All stout-axe characters are automatically given this characteristic upon character creation.