Writ of Health

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Writ of Health-icon.png
 Writ of Health
  • 25m Range
  • Tactical Skill
  • Induction: 0.8s
  • Stacking Heal-over-time.

    May be applied up to three times, increasing the Writ's tier.

    +20% Heal per tier increase.
  • Heals ... Morale initially.
  • Heals ... Morale every 4 seconds for 24 seconds.
  • Cost: (Level × 1.5) Power
  • Attunes: 1 Healing Attunement-icon.png
  • Cooldown: 1s

General Information

Class: Rune-keeper

Trait Tree: Benediction of Peace

Rank Needed: 0


Using this skill while wearing three pieces of the Tower of Orthanc healing set causes Improved Writ of Health to occur on the target.
Using this skill heals the target. Cast it again before the 20s effect wears off to increase the tier:
Writ of Health - Tier 1-icon.png Writ of Health (Tier 1)  Heals ... Morale every 4 seconds for 20 seconds

Tactical Information

This skill can only be used in combat.