Writ of Cold

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Writ of Cold-icon.png
 Writ of Cold
  • 30m Range
  • Tactical Skill
  • Max Targets: 3
  • Radius: 5m
  • Induction: 0.8s
  • Resistance: Tactical
  • When a Rune-keeper writes of cold, its chill can be real. May be applied up to three times, increasing the Writ's tier. More potent debuff for each tier increase.
  • ... Frost Damage
  • +8% All Skill Inductions
    +5% Attack Duration
  • Duration: 20s
  • Cost: ... Power
  • Attunes: 1 Battle Attunement-icon.png
  • Cooldown: 5s

General Information

Class: Rune-keeper

Level: 12

Training Price: 7 Silver 20 Copper 


Using this skill deals Frost Defence and increases an enemy's Skill Induction and Attack Duration. Cast it again before the 20s effect wears off to increase the tier:
Writ of Cold - Tier 1-icon.png Writ of Cold (Tier 1)  +8% All Skills Inductions. +5% Attack Duration
Writ of Cold - Tier 2-icon.png Writ of Cold (Tier 2)  +16% All Skills Inductions. +10% Attack Duration
Writ of Cold - Tier 3-icon.png Writ of Cold (Tier 3)  +24% All Skills Inductions. +15% Attack Duration


A Devastating Critical puts an additional slow debuff on the enemy similar to Chilling Rhetoric