Wood-troll Slayer of Wildermore (Advanced)

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Deed Lore

Defeat Wood-trolls in Wildermore

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Defeat Wood-trolls in Wildermore (160)
Thanks to your aid, far fewer wood-trolls will harry the Ents and huorns of Balewood.


  LOTRO Point-icon.png 5 LOTRO Points
  5Silver Token of the Riddermark-icon.png Wildermore Coin
  Heritage Rune 65-icon.png Plain Heritage Rune of Legend
   <name>Wood-troll Slayer of Wildermore
  Discipline-icon.png Discipline: +1

Deed Chain Information

  1. Wood-troll Slayer of Wildermore
  2. Wood-troll Slayer of Wildermore (Advanced)

Additional Information

Good group at [31.0s, 71.2w] in a small area. There are more at [33.0s, 69.9w] in a small pocket up the hill.