Way of the Fist Traits

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Name Description Level Deed/Quest
Know Your Enemy-icon.png Know Your Enemy Knowledge of the enemy is as good as any weapon when in the hands of a Warden.
+[Level x 8] Critical Rating
1 Strike with Goad 200 times (50/day)
Deadly Insult-icon.png Deadly Insult A Warden's words can cut as deep as any blade.
+10% Warden's Taunt damage
Adds 2 Pulses to Morale-taps

10 Strike with Warden's Taunt 250 times (50/day)
Strong Voice (Warden)-icon.png Strong Voice When a Warden speaks, everyone listens.
-[Level x 20] Target Fist Gambits Resist Rating
20 Strike with War-cry 500 times (75/day)
Terrible Visage-icon.png Terrible Visage A Warden's battlefield presence is quite intimidating to those who dare offer opposition.
-[Level x 44] Target Warden's Taunt Resist Rating
Increases threat generated by skills in Determination Stance
Increases Fist Gambit DoT Damage by 5% in Assailment and Recklessness Stances
30 Strike with Fierce Resolve 500 times (50/day)
Confidence-Warden-icon.png Confidence Wardens who are sure of their abilities enjoy improved prowess on the battlefield
Adds 10% to chance to apply bonuses when using Warden's Taunt, Warden's Scorn and Warden's Aim.
30 Strike with Brink of Victory 350 times (35/day)
Expert Hurler-icon.png Expert Hurler Those who specialize in the javelin need less time to prepare more advanced throws.
-15s to all Javelin Skills Cooldown except Javelin Toss
30 Strike with javelin skills 500 times (50/day)
Mighty Throw-icon.png Mighty Throw A strong throwing arm on a Warden is not to be taken lightly.
+10% Javelin Skills Damage
+5% Fist Gambit Critical Multiplier
Master of the Fist-icon.png Master of the Fist So great is the Warden's Skill that their Fist Masteries now provide the benefits of their base Gambit Builders. 50 Strike with Exultation of Battle or Desolation 500 times (50/day)