Warrior's Power

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Warrior's Fortitude-icon.png
 Warrior's Power
  • +... Maximum Morale
  • Duration: 1m

Skill Relationship

When a stance is active, the Guardian skill Warrior's Fortitude will activate this effect on yourself. The additional effects depend on which stance you are in:

  • Overpower: +... Physical Mastery Rating, +2% Melee Critical Chance, +1% Parry Chance, +1% Partial Parry Chance
  • Guardian's Defence: +1% Block Chance, +1% Partial Block Chance
  • Guardian's Threat: -2% Incoming Melee Damage, -2% Incoming Ranged Damage, -2% Incoming Tactical Damage

Tactical Information

  • The skill provides a heal, as well as raising the maximum morale.
  • The morale amount depends on level.