Warg Racial Traits

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Name PvMP Rank Source Description
Four-legged Foe-icon.png Four-legged Foe Rank:5 1,000 Commendation  Increases run speed, stealthed movement speed, and Evade rating
Advanced Skill Pack Hunters-icon.png Advanced Skill: Pack Hunters Rank:6 1,000 Commendation  Grants the skill Pack Hunters
Pack Mentality-icon.png Pack Mentality Rank:7 1,000 Commendation  Increases Parry/Evade ratings and boosts Physical/Tactical Mitigations
Pack Elder-icon.png Pack Elder Rank:8 1,000 Commendation  Increases Physical Mitigation
Advanced Skill Howl of Unnerving-icon.png Advanced Skill: Howl of Unnerving Rank:9 1,000 Commendation  Grants the skill Howl of Unnerving
Foe of the Light-icon.png Foe of the Light Rank:10 1,000 Commendation  Increases Tactical Mitigation and Stealth Level
Pack Alpha-icon.png Pack Alpha Rank:11 1,000 Commendation  Increases Physical Mastery, Critical, and Finesse ratings