Visiting Took

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Visiting Took
Image of Visiting Took
Gender Male
Race Hobbit
Region The Shire
Area Greenfields
Settlement Brockenborings
Interior The Plough and Stars
Map Ref [27.6S, 68.1W]


Visiting Took is visiting Brockenborings in the Shire and meeting friends in The Plough and Stars tavern to tell stories of his adventures.

NPC Dialogue

Sheep Farmer: "Well, if it isn't Reginard Took!"
Sheep Farmer: "Reginard! How long has it been since you were last in Brockenborings?"
Visiting Took: "Too long, my friends, too long!"
Sheep Farmer: "Go on, tell us about your travels, Reginard."
Visiting Took: "Well, if you're sure you want to hear the story..."
Miner From Scary: "I don't. We've got troubles enough without worrying about foreign parts."
Sheep Farmer: "Don't listen to him. We love your stories!"
Sheep Farmer: "He's just upset about all the spiders in his quarry."
Miner From Scary: "You'd be upset if the vile things started interfering with your livelihood, too!"
Visiting Took: "It was a warm day in early Spring, and my feet were itching for a walk."
Visiting Took: "All my usual haunts were too familiar. I wanted Adventure!"
Miner From Scary: "Ha! You've gone soft in the head, if you weren't to begin with!"
Visiting Took: "Could be, could be. Still, I wanted something. I wanted excitement!"
Sheep Farmer: "Did you find it?"
Visiting Took: "It found me, Posco! But my throat's a little too dry to keep talking..."
Sheep Farmer: "Let me buy you a drink, Reginard!"