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"This article is about the Giant-kind in Angmar. For the dwarf in Zelem-melek, see Útrygg.
Image of Utrygg
Role Conversion Trader
Race Giant-kind
Region Angmar
Dungeon The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu
Map Ref [11.7N, 15.2W]


Utrygg is the Conversion Trader of the Eldgang, found at Norbar inside The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu of Angmar. He guards the passage leading deeper into the instance until players defeat Barz and Zurm.


Item(s) to Receive Item(s) to Trade
Rift-iron Coin-icon.png Rift-iron Coin Scrap of Rift-iron Ore-icon.png 5 Scraps of Rift-iron Ore
Rift-iron Coin-icon.png Rift-iron Coin Obsidian Rock-shard-icon.png 3 Obsidian Rock-shardss