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I'll mostly be concentrating on quests and quest text since I'm a completionist, and making sure it's easier to get to do all quests everywhere without missing any is what's most important to me :)

How I ended up here

I happened upon a line of text that weren't included in the wiki-text so I registered to add it. It has happened before but I didn't know I could add things myself, but now I do, so if I come across more of the same thing, I'll try to add it :)

Quick links to info I'll be needing to read later :)
Zones by level
Category: The_Trollshaws_Quests
Misty Mountains Quests
Dunland Quests
Gap of Rohan Quests
Nan Curunír Quests

Category: Nan Curunír Instances
Continue testing


During next playthrough (glöm ej se till att denna quest listas: "Bear-hide Armour" som man får av [Perfect Bear-hide] som tappas av björnar vid forden i Trollshaws)

Useful links

Fun links