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All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. - Edmund Burke (1729 - 1797)

Hello!. This page is going to be as much for me as it is for anyone else. As I find it virtually impossible to keep track of everything! :-)

I'm Raxous, and have been for a looooooooong time. "Raxous" originates in a book I am writing so it's very personal and (hopefully) unique.
From a MMORPG standpoint I play LOTRO (obviously!) and Guild Wars (My GW Profile). I require the following from my MMORPG;

1. Cost: Fair and sustainable for player and developer(s).
2. Graphics: Hi-end, flexible and DEFINATELY NOT cartoonish.
3. Locality: Global.
4. Depth: Immersive, but adaptable to accelerated multi character play.
5. Freshness: Events, updates, bug fixes, etc.
6. Fairness: No noob hunting, No impossible to afford items that affect gameplay, etc.

LOTRO satisfies these requirements (mainly through it's "Lifetime Membership" option) and, along with Guild Wars, is one of the very few MMORPGs that do!

I plan to develop a set of characters, on one server (Evernight), which between them cover;

1. Crafting: Mastery of every trade.
2. Completion: One character will be my "lead" character, with whom I will complete the game.

So below are my progress, experiences, thoughts and tips on doing this!!!

Anyway, enough blather... on with the important stuff!


Server: Evernight
Active Since: May 2007
Guild: "Guild Of Divinity" [GOD] (Leader) - Not started on this server yet.


  • Page design initially inspired by GuildWiki user Aberrant80 who got it from Gem.

Captain-icon.png Ramanor Raxous (Captain)

  • Level: 60

Crafting: (Explorer)

  • Forester: Supreme Master
  • Prospector: Supreme Master
  • Tailor: Master

Epic Quest Line:

  • Epic Vol. I : Book 10: Chapter 5
  • Epic Vol. II: Book 7 : Chapter 2

Deeds / Traits:

  • ALL (Including IDoME (In Defense of Middle-earth))


  • My first LOTRO character.

Playing Notes:

  • Although I "should", and sometimes do, use a Halberd, I don't because I like the extra armour offered by a shield, even though Captains can only use "Light" shields, a bit of extra armour MUST be better than none! ;-)
  • The only character I am ever likely to finish the game with, or indeed pursue any Deeds with.


  • Rift Armour.
  • Raise PvP Rank.
  • Complete Books.

Crafting Characters - (Evernight)

Milgri: (Armourer)

  • Metalsmith:
  • Tailor:
  • Prospector:

Ahinlor: (Historian)

  • Scholar:
  • Weaponsmith:
  • Farmer:

Bolgo: (Tinker)

  • Cook:
  • Jeweler:
  • Prospector:

Eathulir: (Woodsman)

  • Woodworker:
  • Farmer:
  • Forester:


Just a few usefull bits of info I've picked up during my travels;

  • 1. NEVER carry ANY damageable items with you unless they are equiped, or are VITAL for some other function. Store them in your Vault. Everytime you "die" any damageable items you are carrying / using take damage, if you are carrying unneccesary damageable items they will cost you MONEY, and lots of it, evertime you die!
  • 2. Collect as many quests as possible, from as many locations as possible, before heading out and completing any. MANY quests as harmonious in that they share completion criteria. This prevents you from having to do similar tasks twice, and saves a LOT of time.
  • 3. Only use Stable travel for VERY long distances and/or use "Swift Travel" options only, otherwise this will become a real drain on your monetary reserves. Treat yourself every now and then, but run when you can, it's not too much slower and why not take the opportunity to harvest resources whilst you're on route (if relevant), it will likely save you a dedicated harvesting trip / runevery now and then.


  • REMEMBER: It is vital to ensure that you, at all times, carefully and patiently expand and progress tactically and dynamically the range of criteria and options available to guarantee... oh forget that... just HAVE FUN!


It should go without saying that I LOVE LOTRO! It is a near perfect game, but very simply this is where I think LOTRO should evolve; (Some of these may need to cost in-game / real world money, and that's absolutely fine by me.)

Realistic / Simple

  • Character Re-ordering: Ability to change order of charaters displayed on "Select a Character" screen MANUALLY.
  • Character Swapping: Ability to change characters WITHOUT LOGGING OFF.
  • Storage: More, it's silly, I know it's a bit drag on resources, but please! (Guess you can never have enough!). Either crafting it (i.e. Everquest 2) or buying more (in-game / out of game).

Dramatic / Complex

  • Server Moves: Ability to move chracters between servers.
  • Server Chat: Ability to chat cross-server.
  • Server Friends: Ability to have / monitor friends across servers.
  • In-game Journal: Make notes about stuff; account & character based.
  • Appearance: Ability to change character's appearance (beyond armour) Hair style, even body shape, skin tone?
  • Account-wide Stable Routes: Allow any character on an account to Stable travel to any other Stable unlocked by any other character on that account.
  • Housing: In addtion to / in conjuction with Guild Halls / Housing. Maybe as way to allow extra "Storage".
  • Insta-travel: Just expand SWIFT travel system! (Maybe make first trip more expensive / slower, but subsequent ones cheaper & instant?) Or even have a "Speed" option where faster travel is more expensive...


(Or; All my drivel that doesn't go anywhere else).

Stuff that makes me laugh (or cry?)

  • Lagging on a mob of elites. :-(
  • AFKs during instances. :-(

Stuff that makes me cry (or scream)

  • Incompetent / non-contributing players getting all the high rolls!
  • People running off to do side quests in the middle of a fight.
  • People looting in the middle of a fight.
  • "'Fellowship skill'? I don't even know what that means..."
  • People joining fellowships whilst still a country mile away and then messing around in a town before joining the rest of the team.