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Playing occasionally, on Gwaihir. I really love this wiki and will sometimes help to improve it.


  • Tharumir, Human, m, Guardian, Tinker, Jeweller’s Guild
  • Colchica Blumenhuegel, Hobbit, f, Burglar, Explorer, Tailor’s Guild
  • Theregar Blumenhuegel, Hobbit, m, Hunter, Woodsman, Woodworker’s Guild
  • Oraguilas, Elf, f, Warden, Yeoman, Cook’s Guild
  • Ortulas, Elf, m, Lore-Master, Historian, Scholar’s Guild
  • Orthomur, Dwarf, m?, Rune-Keeper, Armsman, Weaponsmith’s Guild
  • Ortoin, Dwarf, m?, Champion, Armourer, Metalsmith’s Guild
  • Therhild, Human, w, Captain, Explorer, Explorer, Tailor’s Guild
  • Ortafrith, Beorning, w, Beorning, Tinker, Jeweller’s Guild
  • Ortuhelm, Human, m, Minstrel, Tinker, Jeweller’s Guild


Orden der Valar


I’m dealing mostly with craft-related articles. Especially, i try to keep the Master Item Index and it’s sub-indices up to date. While participating on most of the festival times, i will contribute to the special items of a festival.


U LotRO-wiki User since:

November 10, 2014.
N LotRO-wiki Ninja since:

August 16, 2015.
E LotRO-wiki Editor since:

October 20, 2016.