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Heya there, I'm MoorsUpdater, but you can call me Cel. I play Lotro whenever I can, mostly on Crickhollow (formerly Dwarrowdelf) with my level 100 hunter, 78ish minstrel and 37ish warden. I also have a horde of unloved alts who just want to be played...

Despite all this I play in the 'moors a lot as the notoriously-proud-to-fail Taskmaster Gothash Silverback (occasionally Sentry Gothdog Silverback or Fighter Gotharrow Silverback). When I first started the moors, I used the abysmally out-of-date wiki, which never seemed to get updated from the confusing state I found it in. I have since decided to just get the job done myself!

I'm gonna be trying to fix a lot of the Moors articles on the Wiki. Currently I'm just trying to focus on Navigation between articles (including Delving Bosses and Keep Boss NavBoxes). If you have any ideas, please let me know! After this, I need to update some of the most important information, such as Cooldowns and trait descriptions. After that I just want to fill out articles a bit more. Put some more lore in, etc. I enjoyed writing lore for all the Tyrants.

I will only be editing periodically. Now and then I will go through a phase of editing a lot in a few days. Just who I am. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter, @Celedreor.