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A page to test and track, and document the use of stubs. Created: Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC (talk) 22:03, 17 March 2012 (EDT)

Work Done

  • This page was created in the process of creating a new tag, Template:Outdated, as found on the Media-wiki itself.
  • Also, as a result, I "fixed" a bug with the "stubs" syntax -- they did not stack, each subsequent use of certain (not all) tags caused the content following it to indent, and nothing on the "article page" could reset or move the left margin back where it belonged.
The "fix" was to "copy" the format used by Template:Crafting Stub, so that all "stubs" matched it in format and content.
The "cause" was apparently incorrect use of <noinclude> tags.
  • Where "appropriate" (i.e. where they existed) the "Article" relating to the Stub name has been linked (Wikified).
  • All tags have been converted to a common format. All point to Category:Stubs for more information

Work to be done

  1. a number of these stubs have no explanation for usage;
  2. A number of these stubs, beside being redundant, are themselves probably no longer needed;
  3. Articles flagged by using these tages end up in sub-categories of Category:Stubs These need to be correlated with Category: Things to do
  4. A number of these templates need to be renamed from "Template: Stub/xxx" to Template: Stub xxx"
    • and their usage changed (What Links here)
    • and their redirects eliminated

Templates which put things in "unexpected" places

Article Management Tags

Category:Article Management Tags


Articles flagged by the above Article Management Tags wind up in these categories: