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misc notes

Miscelaneous stuff to remember in-game.

/alias ;hi /shakefist shakes his fist at ;target and yells, 'Get off my lawn!'
/alias ;tant /tantrum
/alias ;otg ;tant ;hi
NOTE: Cannot shortcut ;hi or ;otg as ;target is resolved when the shortcut is created.
This results in the animation for Tantrum followed by the line: "/shakefist shakes his fist at ;target and yells, 'Get off my lawn!'"
That is to say, you can't have multiple emotes in an alias.

/alias [;iri] == [/emote mourns the fate of Kinmate Iridar who has fallen into Shadow]

Built in alias ";loc" = "Your Location"

/alias where /T <toon> ;loc
/T = /tell
/shortcut xx /pet release

alias [;where] == [/T valhad ;loc]

  • /shortcut 37 /shakefist shakes his fist at ;target and yells 'Get Off My Lawn!'
  • /alias ;sf /shakefist shakes his fist at ;target and yells 'Get Off My Lawn!'
Just make sure you do not have anything selected when you enter this or the ;target permanently becomes that item.
use the </ui layout save> command, then the aliases are saved to the same file and you and restore the ui layout to another toon and they get the same set of aliases.
13 is Ctrl-1
24 is Alt-1
37 is Shift-1
main bar = 1 - 12
bar 1 (cntl) = 13 - 24
bar 2 (Alt) = 25 - 36
bar 3 (shift) = 37 - 48
bar 4 = 49 - 60
bar 5 = 61 - 72
/joinchannel otc
/joinchannel otg-global
/joinchannel coursera
/joinchannel bullroarer
/joinchannel player's council sapience


  • /joinchannel WikiNerds -- lotro-wiki editors on gilrain

Worth writing up some day

(A forum post I made to explain an idea on how to get time and location information for Lag bugging in raids..)

/alias ;tim /servertime
/alias ;where /loc
/alias ;log ;tim ;where

is the correct syntax, but that idea doesn't work, as neither command has an argument, so they don't stack.
(/alias only supports one command + that command's argument, if it has one.)

So.... In Options/Chat - click Enable timestamps on chat -- that will give you the server time in your chat log.

then just use either of two versions to get the location information ... take your pick (they provide different information)

/alias ;where /loc ..... to get the "developer" location (This is the value that is wanted for Bug reports as explained on that form, and the one most useful to the Devs.)

-- or use the pre-defined ;loc to get that information into your chat window.
Note that when you use ;loc ... the information is output to everybody within range of "/say" (or whatever chat group you are defaulting to.)

/shortcut 13 ;where


/shortcut 13 ;loc

The ;where version will only output to your chat log, while ;loc will "say" to everybody nearby.

Then you can simply click slot 13 and have the location information recorded in your chat stream along with the current time.
(Quickslot 13 is also ctl-1, which is why it is suggested. Slot 13 is the left most position on the 2nd row of Quickslots.)

You can either turn on Chat Logging when you start your Raid session or you can "capture chat" when you can breathe.

Right click on whatever tab you are using, and then go to "Chat logging" and select either "Start Logging" or "Capture Chat"

However, the "capture chat" option only records a finite number of chat entries. I believe it is a relatively small number like 25 or 50 entries.

The Chat logs are written to your Documents directory same as Screenshots (and where the Plugins folder is located)