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Been gone for a while, and not too used to wikis anymore - please let me know if I did anything wrong, so I can avoid doing it again in the future! Thanks.  :)

Ah, the problems with leaving the game part-way through updating the wiki is that so many things remain unfinished by me. Hopefully I can catch up again! Missed this wiki and its editors, especially after trying to join the wiki of another game I played - wow, that one was so disappointing after working on this one!


Currently Working On
  • Relics
    • Crafted Relics - individual Relic: pages for each one, updated info
    • Ettenmoors Relics - individual Relic: pages for each one
    • Combine icons for class relics/sealed class relics
    • Icons for all crafted relics - we have some, but not all
    • Index for barter items for crafted relics (don't think we have one!)
  • Still working on Legendary Items
    • Bridle Legacies still missing some entries, haven't checked non-Minstrel legacies either
    • Some legacies need to be renamed - names have changed over the years
    • Still lots of places to fix up the text
    • Page getting really, really long - might break off parts of it (like IXP table)
    • Link to the new generic LIs that Goingbald has created in the table for LIs
    • Consider Navigation bar!
    • For each class skill (or at least mini), link to which LI legacies affect it.
    • Page for each legacy scroll? Not sure, might have to consider.
    • Page for stat legacies, including individual cost pages
  • If no one else does it first - Edit Character Stats to have a separate page for each main stat, possibly with a bit of further testing.
    • Make sure to include Virtues on those pages, if I do
    • Likewise, go to Game Terms and see if there are any important acronyms/terms missing.
  • Check out Virtues?
  • Crafting - create template for each guild & their leaders (for one easy update spot)
Eventual To-do List
Currently Missing

Don't even know at this point!


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