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There are two divisions of Hytbold quests - Aiding the Eastement (which generates Tokens of Hytbold), and Hytbold rebuild quests (which consume said tokens).

Aiding the Eastemnet

All of the following quests are repeatable on a daily basis.

To begin, a player must first take the daily wrapper quest [85] Aiding the Eastemnet in Hytbold.

This quest allows completion of any five of the following quests that are available on that day. Each town offers four of the quests from its pool on any given day, for a total of sixteen quests to choose from.

Harwick - Aiding the Wold Cliving - Aiding the Norcrofts
Eaworth - Aiding the Entwash Vale Snowbourn - Aiding the Sutcrofts

Rebuilding Hytbold

[85] Welcome to Hytbold
[85] The Mead Hall: Rebuild

The Mead Hall

The Palisade Lighting and Fences
The Stable The Armoury

[85] The Stable: Rebuild

[85] The Armoury: Rebuild

The Smithy The Library

[85] The Smithy: Rebuild

[85] The Library: Rebuild

The Lumber-mill The Townsfolk

[85] The Lumber-mill: Rebuild

The Gates
The West Gate The East Gate

[85] The East Gate: Rebuild

[85] The West Gate: Rebuild

Wold Tents Norcrofts Tents

[85] Wold Tents: Rebuild

[85] Norcrofts Tents: Rebuild

Entwash Vale Tents Sutcrofts Tents

[85] Entwash Vale Tents: Rebuild

[85] Sutcrofts Tents: Rebuild

Tower of the Wold Tower of the Norcrofts

[85] Tower of the Wold: Rebuild

[85] Tower of the Norcrofts: Rebuild

Tower of the Entwash Vale Tower of the Sutcrofts

[85] Tower of the Entwash Vale: Rebuild

[85] Tower of the Sutcrofts: Rebuild

House of the Wold Cottage of the Wold

[85] House of the Wold: Rebuild

[85] Cottage of the Wold: Rebuild

House of the Norcrofts Cottage of the Norcrofts

[85] House of the Norcrofts: Rebuild

[85] Cottage of the Norcrofts: Rebuild

House of the Entwash Vale House of the Sutcrofts

[85] House of the Entwash Vale: Rebuild

[85] House of the Sutcrofts: Rebuild

Farmhouse of the Entwash Vale Farmhouse of the Sutcrofts

[85] Farmhouse of the Entwash Vale: Rebuild

[85] Farmhouse of the Sutcrofts: Rebuild

[85] The Witan