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Creature Img T1 T2 Wing
Storm-elhudan Lightning
Thundering Deep-claw Lightning
Kâlbak Lightning
Twisted Orc Acid
Twisted Warg Acid
Isengard Slug Acid
Twisted Crusher Acid
Venomous Avanc Acid
Venomous Dragonet (Orthanc) Acid
Iorweth Acid
Twisted Brute Fire
Twisted Warrior Fire
White Hand Ruffian Fire
Shadow Grim T2 Only Fire
Fire Grim (The Tower of Orthanc) Fire
Frost Grim (The Tower of Orthanc) Fire
Crisiant Fire
Usgarren Fire
White Hand Healer Shadow
White Hand Shakh-hai Shadow
White Hand Uruk-hai Shadow
Gloom-elhudan T2 Only Shadow
Isengard Root Shadow
White Hand Defiler (The Tower of Orthanc) T2 Only Shadow
White Hand Ravager (The Tower of Orthanc) T2 Only Shadow
Bukot Shadow
Saruman (The Tower of Orthanc) Tower
Saruman the Fire-lord Tower
Saruman the Frost-master Tower
Saruman the Shadow-bringer Tower
Saruman the Storm-maker Tower
Saruman the Venom-keeper Tower