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Hello! Contact me anytime, and if you're wanting to try editing, get into it! Regards, Hiyacinth. =)


Current hit list

No1!-Ered Mithrin & Coffers
Mount_Index (Update Barter/u23 changes in some mounts/push to mount page which is now updated with all mounts!).
Finish the rest of mounts with style of the first few.
Item:Eastemnet_Athelas_Essence <-- Drop mob red link
Find and reference t1 essence and loot drops in Mordor barter item pages
Furniture lists, check/fix any barter/aquisitions.
--Mount names to get/check
Item:Steed_of_the_Red_Dawn -- Name/Image Horse/Pony
Item:Faltharan's Steed Has it a different pony name?
Item:Steed of the Unflagging Dragon Has it a different pony name?
Item:The Farmer's Second Favourite Steed
Item:Steed of New Bloom
Item:Steed of Ethuil
Item:Steed of the Moon Moth
Item:Lasgalen Spring Steed
Item:Hobby-horse <-- Does this even have a name? lol
Item:Treasure Laden Steed
Item:Harvest-brew Goat
Item:Osgiliath Steed
Item:Steed of Shifting Hues
Item:Steed of the North Ithilien Wilds
Item:Goat of Erebor's Royal Guard
Item:Wild Mountain-goat
Item:Prized Ost Dunhoth War-steed
Item:Prized Isengard War-steed
Item:Steed of Minas Ithil
Item:Steed of Bright Days
Item:Forest Elk
Item:Steed of the Ash Plains
Item:Steed of the Alliance of the Third Age