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Hi all, I'm Farat from Evernight! In real life I live by the name Siebren, although I'm not expecting you to pronounce that correctly. I'm from a small town in the Netherlands and currently I'm studying in Utrecht. I've been playing LotRO since september 2008, after a friend got me an invite, and I've been around ever since. I don't play daily, but, depending on how busy I am, I usually can be found in Middle-Earth.

In game:

All of my characters are on Evernight. I've been there since the start of my LotRO adventure back in 2008 and I never really tried another server. Although I'm not a role-player, I do tend to put as much story and background into my characters as I can. I'm a perfectionist and I usually get a lot of pleasure out of completing every quest and deed I can find. I don't really do PvMP, not that it does not interest me, but simply because I prefer wandering the forests of Lothlorien or the hills of Dunland.

My characters are;

  • Faratalath, Elf male Hunter (95) (main)
  • Dorthar, Dwarven (male) Minstrel (65, doing every quest I can find with stone of the turtoise)
  • Tardaros, Men Male Captain (42)
  • Finromen, Elf male runekeeper (30s)
  • Arethol, Elf female Guardian (20s)
  • Atardoc, Hobbit male Warden (20s)

On the Wiki

I don't have a lot of experience with Wiki-editing. That said, I'm eager to learn! I joined the Lotro-Wiki because I've always been using this as a good resource for information and I wanted to do something in return.

Links for own use

Sandbox for Hunter works
Sandbox for other projects