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Defenders of the Secret Fire
World: Meneldor
Vocation: Woodsman
Class: Hunter
Race: Hobbit
Region: Buckland
Age: 23
Height: 4' 2"
Sex: Male
Skin: Fair
Hair: Blonde
Eye: N/A


Sellian started out as a simple young Hobbit boy in the town of Buckland, on the edge of the Old Forest. At thirteen years of age his dad (currently missing) taught him how to use a bow and had Sellian hunting in the early parts of the Old Forest. He never wandered in too far, for it is easy to lose way and all sense of direction in that dark forest. At sixteen he left home and went to the city of Bree, and it was there that he met another young Hobbit, Teasel, who also had skills as an archer. She taught him many things such as laying traps, using fire oils to set his arrows alight and how to use his surroundings as camoflauge.

Several months after he had left home, an old childhood friend came to the city bringing word of Sellian's fathers disappearance in the Greenwood. With this tragic news, Sellian set forth into the west and back into the Shire. He found a small goblin encampment in the Greenwood and managed to take a goblin scout captive. After much interrogation, Sellian had only found out that his father had been taken to the region of Evendim to the north. He knew he stood no chance against the perils he would encounter there. Heart broken, he went back to his home in Bree and has been hence forth searching for someone of greater skill than he to help with his father's rescue. And it was there in Bree he met Eadil... (look in 'Friends' section')

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