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Eadil Ivenhoe (Maiden Name) of Rohan-Lvl 39
Defenders of the Secret Fire
World: Meneldor
Vocation: Armourer
Class: Champion
Race: Man
Region: Rohan
Age: 37
Height: 5' 8
Sex: Female
Skin: Fair
Hair: Blonde, short
Eye: Turquoise


As a young girl growing up in Edoras, Eadil was never one to play. She spent all her time and energy learning how to read, write, cook and sew. She spent years working on these monotonous things that she eventually grew bored and began to seek adventure, but it was too late. All the great things happened while she was inside working. She decided to seek outside of the city for excitement, but that was a mistake. While exploring a forest far from her home, she was jumped by a group of Orcs. She was lucky though, for a lone Elven woman was wandering the forest and heard Eadil's screams.

The Elf made quick work of the Orcs and healed Eadil of the minor wounds she had suffered. The Elf intoduced herself as Idhien Lindis and that she was naught but a minstrel, searching the forest for herbs, but Eadil still saw her as a hero and would not leave Idhien until she taught her how to wield a blade.

"You are not but a child, why should you wield a blade?" Idhien told her every time she would ask. But Eadil would not take that answer and persuaded the Elf to take her to the Refuge of Imladris. They journeyed far and long and faced many difficulites before reaching the home of Elrond Half-Elven.

It was there she met a champion of skill named Mormael. He taught Eadil many things. She soon realized that cooking and sewing may do some good, but it would not be of great help for the battles she would face. She then began training in the art of armour smithing and is now of reasonable skill. And over the years she grew in skill as a champion, and even surpassed her teacher. It was then that her reputation was heard of by another Elf; Naraman. He was founder of a clan; 'Defenders of the Secret Fire'. He sought out this Eadil and invited her to the group. She accepted and was welcomed in as family. Eadil told them also of Idhien and Mormael, and they too became part of the guild. Eadil later married Idhien's cousin, Gurthang. They had only one child before Gurthang was killed by Hill Men in the Ram Duath. Their daugter, Minasul, took up training as a soldier in the Bree militia.

Eadil has taken up home in Esteldin though quite often spends weeks at a time in the Ram Duath. There she helps the Jorthkyn living in the area with tasks such as collecting silk from spiders and thinning orc ranks. She continues to grow in skill and spends much time hunting down the men that killed her husband. Feel free to stop by her house and say hi, for she loves visitors and needs the encouragement. I thank you for listening to this tale, and remember, Middle-Earth is becoming more and more dangerous every day, find friends, and stay close...

Friends and Enemies




Naraman-Elf-Lore Master


Hill Men of the Ram Duath

Gold Sellers


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