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I'm a member of the Order of the Ancients. I typically only edit pages when I happen to consult one that turns out to be different from what I find in-game, but recently I've made major changes to a few pages, primarily stubs or ones that weren't in the currently-preferred formats.

Characters on Elendilmir

I'm a Founder (someone who preordered the original Shadows of Angmar game) and lifetime subscriber. I started on Elendilmir because several of us who subscribed to USENET group decided to join the beta and adventure together. We formed a kinship called CSIPGR after the initials of the newsgroup, which evolved into the current Order of the Ancients. My primary character is Tinutharaen, an elven minstrel, currently level 55 (as of May 2012). I'm an altoholic -- one character of each class -- and am offline a lot, which is why she hasn't reached level 75 yet. I pushed Gadoin (dwarf guardian) to 75 first.

Sandbox Entries

These are places where I've prepared drafts of major edits of existing pages. There are none at the moment, but I used it to flesh out location entries for Esteldín, Rivendell, and Tinnudir to place them in the then-current location format. Fixing settlement entries seems to be a thing of mine.