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Who 'Dat?!

I'm a 32-year-old self-employed accountant and business management consultant of the "dude" gender, currently residing in the Seattle, Washington area of the United States.

I've been playing LOTRO since launch, albeit with a couple breaks of over a year each. The current return began in the early summer of 2012 and has no plan of ending. I enjoy roleplaying on Landroval and I am one of the rare people who actually enjoy leveling in the game, though I'm timid about group content and raiding due to bad experiences in other games. I play on the Landroval server, using the following characters:

Character Gender Race Class Level Spec Crafts
Bastrom M Man Champion 85 Blue T8 Weaponsmith (Guild), T8 Scholar, T8 Farmer
Cerdac M Man Champion 1 Red T1 Woodworker (Guild-to-be), T1 Forester, T1 Farmer
Grennoch M Man Guardian 76 Yellow T8 Metalsmith (Guild), T8 Prospector, T8 Tailor
Leonthuil M Man Captain 82 Red T8 Jeweller (Guild), T8 Prospector, T8 Cook
Madren M Man Burglar 14 Blue T8 Tailor (Guild), T8 Prospector, T8 Forester

I can also be reached on Enjin:

Although you may not guess it from my roster above, the Guardian is my favorite class. I've played five of them, and now you're wondering where they all went! The first was during the original launch, and the next two were when I returned to the game the first time - my thought was to start over and see how much the class had changed (hint: A lot!), and level one as sword-and-board and the other as two-handed. I did this again when I returned in 2012, but you'll notice there's only one listed above. The second one was one I had leveled as sword-and-board, and was actually my first level 85! But, he was an elf, and I had created him for a roleplaying story that never came to fruition. After it fell through, he sat on my roster for many months, and I eventually realized I would probably not play him again because he was an elf. Elves have such complex mannerisms if roleplayed correctly, and outside of the element of the story he was meant to have been involved in I couldn't imagine why I would want to roleplay as an elf. Alas, I deleted him.

I know. You just read that, and now you want to hit me. Actually, you'd be right to do so! Just a few weeks later when Helm's Deep launched, all my characters and their completed class traits suddenly popped up with brand new completed class traits and a flurry of free TP because of it, and by not keeping that old Guardian around until then, I missed out on 200-300 free TP. Oops. -- Bastrom (talk) 10:10, 14 December 2013 (UTC)

As of 1/2/14, I also deleted Cerdac, my level 60 Hunter, and have remade him as a Champion. Why? Well, I'd never really cared for the Hunter class before, but I figured with the expansion's changes, maybe I'd give it a shot. Sixty levels in and the most I can say for the class is about the same as I could say before: The teleports are nice but ranged fighting feels non-engaged to me, and the class's trees are very one-trick-pony in my opinion. In blue spec, an average fight was Barbed Arrow, spam Barrage until dead. Whee. :)

On the plus side, it gives me good motivation to do some work on the Champion page, so look forward to that soon. -- Bastrom (talk) 06:58, 3 January 2014 (UTC)

What Doin'?!

Guardian - and the myriad sub-pages...

Champion (soon) - and the plethora of sub-pages...