Uruk Racial Traits

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Name PvMP Rank Price Description
Advanced Skill Get a Grip!-icon.png Advanced Skill: Get a Grip! Rank: 5 (BA)
Rank: 9 (WL)
1,000 Commendation  Grants Get a Grip! skill
Advanced Skill Imposing Presence-icon.png Advanced Skill: Imposing Presence Rank: 5 (BA)
Rank: 6 (WL)
1,000 Commendation  Grants Imposing Presence skill
New Breed-icon.png New Breed Rank: 5 1,000 Commendation  Increases armor value, max morale, and max power
Leaders of the Orcs-icon.png Leaders of the Orcs Rank: 7 1,000 Commendation  Increases Physical and Tactical Mastery
Favoured Servant of the Dark-icon.png Favoured Servant of the Dark Rank: 8 1,000 Commendation  Increases Physical and Tactical Mitigation
Brutal Persuasion-icon.png Brutal Persuasion Rank:10 1,000 Commendation  Increases Melee, Ranged, and Tactical Critical Ratings
Tireless Warrior-icon.png Tireless Warrior Rank:11 1,000 Commendation  Increases in-Combat Morale and in-Combat Power Regeneration