Update 25.4.1 - March 10, 2020

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Update 25.4.1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 25.4.1, released on Tuesday, March 10th.

News and Notes:


  • Beorning Traits Debilitating Bees and Sluggish Stings now work when both are active.
  • The Beorning trait Overbearing no longer displays the skill twice on mouse-over.
  • Fixed an issue where several cosmetic pet skills could not be used by Beornings in bear form. Note that Kite cosmetic pet skills remain intentionally unavailable in bear form.


  • Recipes that were not accepting Universal Optional Ingredients now accept them.
  • Standards of Hope from Crafting Tier 11 and onward now give Vitality and Tactical Mitigation instead of maximum Morale


  • The Universal Optional Crafting Ingredient now goes into Crafting Carry-alls.
  • Fixed an issue with Rank 1 stat tomes that allowed the items to be used even after a higher rank of the stat had been acquired.
  • The following jewellery pieces once again grant vitality as indicated in their name:
    • Wildermore Ring of Vitality
    • Wildermore Necklace of Vitality
    • Wildermore Earring of Vitality
    • Wildermore Bracelet of Vitality
    • Exquisite Wildermore Ring of Vitality
    • Exquisite Wildermore Necklace of Vitality
    • Exquisite Wildermore Earring of Vitality
    • Exquisite Wildermore Bracelet of Vitality
    • Horse-lords' Tome of Vitality
    • Horse-lords' Ancient Tome of Vitality

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Remmorchant, The Net of Darkness
    • The Morale of Massive Web has been reduced.
    • Acidic Web's ground effect has been reduced to 90 seconds.
    • Heaving Belly's damage has been increased.
    • Heaving Belly now drops a damage effect beneath Shelob's belly for one second upon execution of the skill. This damage is in addition to the distributed hit, and is an outright insta-kill on Tier 3 and higher.
    • Shelob now spits one Corrosive Spittle attack per tick on Tier 2, 2 attacks per tick on Tier 2, and 3 attacks on Tier 3 and higher.
    • The Vanguard deed now functions properly, and is automatically awarded to players who earned the deed prior to this patch.
    • Pained Determination now lasts for 75 seconds.
    • Shelob now automatically topples over four seconds after being blinded.
    • Shelob will now defeat Celeborn/Atli/Legolas if they ever take main threat on her and reset the fight. This corrects an issue where the encounter could fail to advance if a party wipe occurs under some conditions.
    • Celeborn shouts more of his lines so they can be seen in chat from a larger distance.
    • Lightning and fire spider form encounters in Tier 1 and Tier 3 have been adjusted.


  • Elves and High-elves now have different Rune-keeper idling animations depending on the visibility of their rune-satchel.
  • Silk-Armour translations have been updated for the German game client.