Update 25.0.3 - November 26, 2019

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Update 25.0.3 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 25.0.3, released on Tuesday, November 26th.

News and Notes:

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • The following instances are once again available at level 130: The Silent Street, The Quays of the Harlond, Blood of the Black Serpent, Sunken Labyrinth, The Dome of Stars and The Ruined City.
  • Eliminated the power cost from many session play skills.
  • Some gear with 3 or more sockets is now properly capped at max usage level 120.
  • Filth-well Instance: Balchneth no longer respawns after death.

Know Issues

  • Scaling Osgiliath and Pelennor instances can drop level 120 armour and jewellery when run at levels 121 - 130. The socketed armour and jewellery that can drop inside these instances will be updated in a future patch.