Update 23.1.2 - Thursday October 25, 2018

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Update 23.1.2 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 23.1.2, released on Thursday, October 25th.

Of Special Note:

Tier 3 Difficulty

Tier 3 is a new challenge level that replaces the former T2C difficulty, and offers a new challenge in addition to new rewards! All current Update 23: Where Dragons Dwell instances are now available on Tier 3 Difficulty.

News and Notes:


  • The Hunter trait Endurance was adding a several thousand percent bonus to Parry and Evade, and has now been adjusted to no longer provide 100% avoidance.


  • Fixed an issue with the Cape of Belfalas Tol Falthui entry room where it would not consistently play music or display wall and floor decorations.
  • Players can now place doormats without having to be in their Treats or Trickery costume.
  • The following Property guards are now usable by anyone with the housing decoration usage permissions, and not just the owner:
    • Man Property Guard
    • Woman Property Guard
    • Variag Property Guard
    • Female Hobbit Property Guard
    • Male Hobbit Property Guard
    • Female Elf Property Guard
    • Male Elf Property Guard
    • Dwarf Property Guard
    • Hound Property Guard
    • Shieldmaiden Property Guard
    • Rohirrim Warrior Property Guard
    • Rohirrim Archer Property Guard
    • Rohirrim Knight Property Guard


  • New items have been added to the Adventurer's Steel-bound Lootbox, including the Stalwart variant of the Grey Mountains Elite cosmetic armour set, a Visiting Banker (usable housing NPC that grants access to your character bank), a Black Mastiff pet, a new feathered Hooded Cloak of Roäc, a Fancy Hoodless Cloak, and the War-steed of Ered Mithrin, a collection box with the full set of war-steed variant appearances of the Steed of Ered Mithrin. These items are also now available for Figments of Splendour from the Adventurer's Quartermaster .
  • Adventurer's Steel-bound Lootboxes have had their item level increased to 370, and level 372 Essences are available as a rare drop.
  • Ironfold crafted bassoons have been fixed to grant the same amount of morale and power as other Ironfold instruments.
  • The reputation requirement for Ironfold Jewellery has been lowered from Kindred to Ally.
  • The Black Cat now properly appears in the Pet Collection.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Grey Mountains Expedition: Daily solo activities now award more reputation.
  • A Fortune of Harvest Spirit no longer tragically removes itself from quest log after a logout/login. The amount of required completions of A Spirited Harvest for A Bountiful Harvest has been reduced to account for the amount of time remaining in the festival.
  • Dwarf-holds Rewards Quartermasters have updated rewards for players who have finished Chapter 8.7 of the Black Book of Mordor.
  • The Quest Reclaiming the Grey (Final) now awards a Dwarrowmark.
  • Travel routes between Trollshaws and Eregion are no longer blocked at the tree ridge.
  • Corrected a looping travel route issue in the Lone-lands.
  • Ered Mithrin: Fixed several issues with the new and existing Wanted pebbles quests. These quests related to the Withered Heath can now be completed correctly.

Known Issues:

  • Lootbox Cosmetic Pets - Black Mastiff pet incorrectly uses the Farmer Maggot's Dog appearance and has a rabbit icon. Here is what it will look like when corrected:

Black Mastiff