Udûn-cast Strongbox

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  Udûn-cast Strongbox

Item Information

To open a Udûn-cast Strongbox a Set of Brittle Lock-picks is required. The lock-pick can be bartered for from a Herbalist (Host of the West).

Quest Involvement

A Udûn-cast Strongbox can be found at the end of the following quests dungeons.

Solo Quests;

Quest:Enemies Beneath the Mountain
Quest:Enemies Beneath the Towers
Quest:Locked Strongbox (Optional)

Fellowship Quests;

Quest:Towers of the Teeth: Guardians of the Depths
Quest:Skoironk: Breeder of Poison
Quest:Locked Strongbox (Optional)

Opening a Lootbox

Right-clicking on a Udûn-cast Strongbox will automatically loot its contents.