Touch and Go

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Touch and Go-icon.png
 Touch and Go
  • Immediate
    Skill Type: Buff
  • Improve your evasion of attacks briefly.

    Using this skill will not break Stealth.
  • +50% Evade Chance
  • Duration: 30s
  • Cost: ... Power
  • Cooldown: 5m

General Information

Class: Burglar

This skill is automatically acquired at level 10.


Using this skill causes Touch and Go to occur on yourself.


Using the skill Ready and Able resets the cooldown on this skill.

Tactical Information

This is your panic-button: If lots of enemies are attacking, hit TaG. It increases your evade chance by 50% for 30s and that's a lot. Half of the attacks won't hit you and, in addition to that, your crit-chain will be open more often. Use this skill if you are in trouble; it's a life-saver. If, after using TaG 2 or 3 times (with cooldown reset skills), you are still going down, it's always an option to use Hide in Plain Sight / Improved Hide in Plain Sight.