To Arms (Shield-brother)

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To Arms-icon.png
 To Arms (Shield-brother)
  • Skill Type: Buff
  • Briefly increases the defence of your Shield-brother.
  • Effects applied to your Shield-brother within 50 metres:
    Your Shield-brother takes 15% less damage
  • Your Shield-brother heals for 15% more
  • Your shield-brother deals +15% more damage
  • Duration: 25s
  • Cost: ... Power
  • Cooldown: 1m

General Information

Class: Captain

Level: 40

Requires that Watchful Shield-brother-icon.png Watchful Shield-brother be active.


The trait Fellowship of the Shield-icon.png Fellowship of the Shield from the Leader of Men trait tree allows this skill to also apply a somewhat weaker effect on other members of the fellowship.


Using this skill causes To Arms-icon.png To Arms (Shield-brother) to occur on your current Shield-brother.

When Fellowship of the Shield is traited, using this skill also causes To Arms-icon.png To Arms (Fellowship Shield-brother) to occur on yourself and all nearby fellowship members except your Shield-brother.