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In the Lord of the Rings Online, 24 hours of "game time" (a game-day) takes 3 hours and 6 minutes of "real time" (wall-clock time).

  • The time of day is divided into 2 major and 10 minor periods of time.
  • These time periods can be seen on the "Radar," by mousing over the sun or moon icon. The icon will show the sun during the day-time and the moon during the night-time.
  • The icon changes to a clock in the 11 o'clock position in certain kinds of instances, since it may take place at any time of day. For example, the Helm's Deep Epic Battles take place Before Midnight, After Midnight, Before Dawn, and Sunrise.
  • Note that of the 10 periods, some are much shorter than others, and none is equally long as another.
  • Time of in-game day may change after maintenance or an update to the game. This may be noticed if using lua plugins that tells when the next in-game time period starts.

Period Length Accumulated
Daytime (Σ 1 h 42 m 20 s)
Dawn 9 m 32 s 9 m 32 s
Morning 28 m 42 s 38 m 14 s
Noon 17 m 47 s 56 m 01 s
Afternoon 27 m 58 s 1 h 23 m 59 s
Dusk 18 m 21 s 1 h 42 m 20 s
Nighttime (Σ 1 h 23 m 40 s)
Gloaming 9 m 30 s 1 h 51 m 50 s
Evening 27 m 59 s 2 h 19 m 49 s
Midnight 8 m 59 s 2 h 28 m 48 s
Late Watches 19 m 01 s 2 h 47 m 49 s
Foredawn 18 m 11 s 3 h 06 m 00 s


  • Some quests may only be available during certain times of day (or night).
  • Various creatures in Middle-earth tend to have different spawn patterns over the game-day, such as certain trolls are only roaming at night.
  • In smaller towns, craftspeople not required for quests go to bed (disappear). Towns where this occurs include Duillond and several in the Shire.