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Faction Neutral
Location Ettenmoors
Area The Delving of Frór
Genus The Dead
Species Wight
Type Arch-nemesis
Level Range 132
Morale Range 299,000
Power Range 22,366
Special Abilities Unknown

Thorliw is a named Arch-Nemesis Wight in the Delving of Frór, beneath the Ettenmoors.

Until recently, it was unclear if Thorliw still existed after the Riders of Rohan revamp. However, he has now been found once again and proved that he does indeed still exist. Like his relation Gworvaethor, Thorliw appears when the outpost he resides underneath is under the control of Gaergoth. In Thorliw's case, this is the River Outpost. It was unclear as to whether he exists partially because the River Outpost is commonly taken by either the Army of Angmar or the Free Peoples, and so it was rather difficult to determine, and also because he hides upon a platform, unlike his plain-sight relation Gworvaethor.

It is important to note that the phases have not been scaled and the buffs Thorliw gets in each phase are completely useless to him. He does mediocre damage at best, and the fight should be easily solo-able by any class that has competent self-heals without losing much health at all.


Thorliw must be fought where he stands, or he will reset.

Upon starting him, he will talk for a bit while walking down the stairs into the center of the room. Once in the center, he will enter the first phase of the fight. During this first phase, he will be immune to conjunctions and warband skills. Two banner wights will spawn near him. This phase will only last until 230k , so prepare for phase two. Keep in mind that every time a phase changes, all DoTs and debuffs you had on Thorliw are cleared.

In phase two, Thorliw loses his immunity to conjunctions and replaces it with an enormous in combat morale and power regeneration buff (+1000 in combat power regen, +6000 in combat morale regen). He also gets a healing buff that adds 600 morale every 5 seconds for as long as he's in the phase. Two new banner wights spawn to the left and right of the room. This phase lasts until 150k, in which he enters phase three.

In phase three, Thorliw loses his regen buffs and replaces them with a giant melee damage buff. (+300% melee damage) Two new banner wights spawn on the left and right of the room. This phase lasts until 70k, in which he enters his final phase.

In the fourth and final phase, Thorliw becomes angered that he hasn't defeated you yet and gains ALL the buffs from the previous phases at once. As soon as the phase starts, he instantly heals to 120k. 6 new banner wights spawn in the room. Survive this phase and you have defeated Thorliw!

Special Attacks

He has several special abilities.

His most common ability is an induction which, on completion, drains about 1,000 power from everyone within 30 meters of him. It is a very potent ability which needs to be interupted as much as possible in order to win the fight.

Another ability he has is an AoE roar skill that hits everyone in front of him. This ability does three seperate spikes of damage, each of which do large amounts of damage. It also adds the debuff Diseased Frailty to all of the targets it hits. This is a nasty disease debuff.

A third ability that he posseses is another induction. It looks similar to the induction of the power drain, but has a very different effect. This induction roots whoever is tanking the boss to the ground for 15 seconds, and removes 100% threat from the rooted target. This means that the boss will switch to the next target in the threat line.

His fourth known ability is a melee double attack that does a decent amount of damage. Nothing special, but is known to be deadly.


"The living, here in our halls?"
"Come then, intruders. Let us see if you have mettle."
"Brethren, arise and let us test these fools!"
"We will fight on and my wounds will be closed by new bearers!"
"Still you resist the inevitable. Death is all that awaits you!"
"I grow tired of playing. Death will claim you all! Arise brethren, arise!"

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