The Martial Champion Traits

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Tree Traits Description Source
Second Wind (Trait)-icon.png Second Wind Gain skill Second Wind Trait: 0+ ranks
Aggressive Exchange-icon.png Aggressive Exchange Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Vitality Increase-icon.png Vitality Increase Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Horn of Champions (Trait)-icon.png Horn of Champions Gain skill Horn of Champions Trait: 5+ ranks
Deafening Horn-icon.png Deafening Horn Buff Trait: 5+ ranks, Horn of Champions (1)
Riposte (Trait)-icon.png Sweeping Riposte Gain skill Sweeping Riposte Trait: 5+ ranks
Vigour of Champions-icon.png Vigour of Champions Buff Trait: 10+ ranks, Second Wind (1)
Tactical Mitigation Increase-icon.png Tactical Mitigation Increase Buff Trait: 10+ ranks
Placed Strike-icon.png Placed Strike Buff Trait: 10+ ranks, Sweeping Riposte (1)
Dire Need (Trait)-icon.png Dire Need Gain skill Dire Need Trait: 15+ ranks
Critical Defence Increase-icon.png Critical Defence Increase Buff Trait: 20+ ranks
Unstable-icon.png Unstable Buff Trait: 20+ ranks, Critical Defence Increase (5)
Fight Through The Pain-icon.png Fight Through The Pain Buff Trait: 25+ ranks, Critical Defence Increase (5)
Improved Dire Need-icon.png Improved Dire Need Buff Trait: 25+ ranks, Dire Need (1)
Unbreakable (Trait)-icon.png Unbreakable Gain skill Unbreakable Trait: 30+ ranks
Quick with a Blade-icon.png Quick with a Blade Buff Trait: 30+ ranks