The Fighter of Shadow Set Bonuses

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Specialization in this trait tree provides an unnamed Inherent Buff which provides the following effects: "Your attacks against your marked target have a 5% chance to restore 10% of your max morale." To mark a target, use this spec's skill Take to Heart.

Set Traits Description Source
Light-touched-icon.png Light-touched Buff + can Block using Two-Handed weapons Set: 5+ total ranks
Disabling Strikes-icon.png Disabling Strikes Improves Debuff effects on skills Set: 10+ total ranks
Protection (Trait)-icon.png Protection Gain skill Protection Set: 15+ total ranks
Flash of Light-icon.png Flash of Light Improves the Inherent Buff Set: 20+ total ranks
Mark of Permanence (Trait)-icon.png Mark of Permanence Improves the Inherent Buff Set: 25+ total ranks
Manifested Ire-icon.png Manifested Ire Debuff to enemies Set: 30+ total ranks
Incapacitation-icon.png Incapacitation Improves Debuff effects on skills Set: 35+ total ranks