The Deadly Storm Set Bonuses

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Set Traits Description Source
Ardour-icon.png Ardour Buff Set: 5+ total ranks
Sharpened Blades-icon.png Sharpened Blades Improves skill Rend Set: 10+ total ranks
Flurry Increase-icon.png Flurry Increase Buff Set: 15+ total ranks
Exchange of Blows (Trait)-icon.png Exchange of Blows Gain skill Exchange of Blows Set: 20+ total ranks
Ardour-icon.png Ardour Increase Buff Set: 25+ total ranks
Furious Swings-icon.png Furious Swings Buff Set: 30+ total ranks
Born For Combat (Trait)-icon.png Born For Combat Gain skill Born For Combat Set: 35+ total ranks