The Best Defence

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Deed Lore

The first four pages of this book can be found on enemies scattered across Angmar, Eregion, and Moria. The last four pages of this book can be found on enemies scattered across Forochel, Moria, and the Misty Mountains.

This book was written as a primer in the Guardian's art some time in the middle of the Third Age, during the difficult period after the fall of Khazad-dûm. At that time, Durin's Folk were scattered and greatly reduced in number, and the Guardian's role took on a much greater importance as the threat of goblins and Orcs to dwarf-settlements beneath the roots of the world became more and more common. The dwarves often settled for building powerful strongholds designed to make the approach to their cities, impervious to assault, manning them with skilled and powerful guardians to ensure that none would pass unchallenged.

While the book itself is common enough, the owner of this copy seems to have scribbled copious notes within the margins of the pages -- notes containing an experience and insight to the art that even at a glance exceeds that of the original author. Unfortunately, the copy is worn and tattered, and a number of pages are missing. Perhaps someone well-versed in the art could provide you with some insight as to the identity of the mysterious scribbler and where his remaining notes could be found?

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

  • The Best Defense, Page 2
    This page, part of the introduction, reveals that the author was the chief of the guards of Thráin I, forebear of the Great Thorin Oakenshield and the first King Under the Mountain.
  • The Best Defence, Page 3
    This page sets up the premise of the book with an ancient and terribly trite cliche: "A good offence is the best defence.".
  • The Best Defence, Page 5
    This page describes some of the more rudimentary stances a guardian can use to take full advantage of mistakes made by his foes.
  • The Best Defence, Page 9
    This page continues the instruction given by the author, expounding upon nuances of combat that allow a guardian to breach an enemy's defences by countering its attacks.
  • The Best Defence, Page 12
    This page includes many rough sketches of the stances and movements the author described in previous pages, but they are rather difficult to follow out of context.
  • The Best Defence, Page 16
    On this page, the author begins to demonstrate advanced stances which allow a guardian to block an incoming attack, while quickly returning a blow of his own with greater power. The technique is not nearly as simple as it sounds.
  • The Best Defence, Page 17
    This final diagram explains more completely the techniques shown in the previous pages. What read simply is far more complex than the reader might imagine.
  • The Best Defence, Page 19
    This final page summarizes the entire treatise and puts more fully into context the teachings of The Best Defence.


  LOTRO Point-icon.png 10 LOTRO Points
  Class Trait Point-transparent-icon.png 1 Class Trait Point

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