The Armies of Isengard

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Deed Lore

Working with information given you by Andras, the Starkmoor merchant, you have been granted the opportunity to put a thorn in the plans of the Wizard Saruman. Isengard has been all but emptied against the Rohirrim at the Ford of Isen, proferring you the chance to sow chaos among the armies of Isengard.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Complete 'Thorn in the Hand'
Complete 'The Foundry'
Complete 'Isengard: Fangorn's Edge'
Complete 'Isengard: The Pits of Isengard'
Complete 'Dargnákh Unleashed'
Complete 'Tower of Orthanc: Destroyer of Rings'


  Mount 11 (epic)-icon.png Steed of Many Colours
  Mount 55 (epic)-icon.png Steed from the White Wizard's Tower

Update 22.4.1 All characters who have completed, or will complete, The Armies of Isengard meta deed will now receive a second steed reward called the Steed from the White Wizard's Tower. This steed features an Isengard banner and new colors for the caparison and head piece shimmer. Characters who previously completed the Armies of Isengard meta deed will receive the Steed of Many Colours and the Steed from the White Wizard's Tower in their pending loot when first logging in after Update 22.4.1.