The Ancient Cairn

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This location is part of The History of the Dúnedain deed.


An ancient cairn, you can make out the faded symbols of old Dúnadan-kings inscribed upon it in places.


The cairn is rather unlike many that the Men of old built, but you recalled a tale of an old battle...
In the time after the fall of Arnor and the defeat of Angmar by the host of Gondor, few men remained in the north. Those who remained loyal to the old kings banded together under the first Chieftain of the Dúnedain and became the forebearers of the Rangers who walk these lands today, or so it rumoured.
In those days there were still evil Men and worse who walked these lands and there was a battle few Men alive today remember. Though the Dúnedain were victorious, their numbers dwindled. The cairn you have found is most likely the resting place of the men who died in that battle, built hurriedly and in secret.


This is located in Blackwold's Roost within Archet Dale. [27.1S, 46.6W]