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Image of Tatwine
Title Keeper of Horses
Gender Male
Race Race of Man
Region Great River
Area Eorlsmead
Settlement Stangard
Map Ref [26.1S, 63.6W]


Tatwine is found in several location:

Quest Involvement


  • Who is the real leader here?
    'Stanric has always been kind to me, though I do not care for the arguments of my betters. I only ask to be allowed to do my work, and have a good meal and a warm bed at the end of each day. Alas…nothing anyone does seems to answer my wishes.'
    Thank you.
  • What do you do in Stangard?
    'I am the horse-keeper of Stangard. I was a farmer before coming here, but I have not been given leave to plant any crops in Eorlsmead. And so we go hungry, day after day.'
    I see.