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From the "deed" thread (Far Anórien Deeds (U18 B1) on the Br Forum by Arkanur:
Treasure of Far Anórien - 50 marks, 7 Exquisite Wood-carvings (+250 ReP), 4 Polished Marble Trinkets (+500 ReP), Title : Treasure Seeker of Old Anórien, +1 Patience, + 5 Turbine points, +900 ReP with Riders of Rohan
Find all 16 Treasure Caches in Far Anórie

Beacon Hills

1) 48.6S - 32.0W (by the waterfall at the SE corner of the Beacon Hills) [48.6S, 32.0W]
2) 48.5S - 33.9W (just west of the previous one) [48.5S, 33.9W]
3) 46.6S - 32.6W (at the buildings SE of Erelas) [46.6S, 32.6W]
4) 45.6S - 35.9W (north of Ost Rimmon entrance) [45.6S, 35.9W]
5) 47.9S - 39.5W (in the NW faaaar end of the Rimmon Quarry) [47.9S, 39.5W]
6) 40.5S - 39.0W (north of Bâr Nadhron, the big encampment in Beacon Hills) [40.5S, 39.0W]
7) 45.4S - 41.6W (south of Calenhad) [45.4S, 41.6W]
8) 43.9S - 42.0W (near the buildings north of Calenhad) [43.9S, 42.0W]
9) 43.9S - 47.1W (NW of Halifirien, down some cliffs) [43.9S, 47.1W]
10) 46.6S - 47.3W (SW of Halifirien, in the SW corner of the Beacon Hills) [46.9S, 47.3W]
Treasure locations in the Beacon Hills

Taur Drúadan

1) 53.8S - 19.5W (in a tree) [53.8S, 19.5W]
2) 45.6S - 19.8W (by a rock, near the Warband) [45.6S, 19.8W]
3) 48.5S - 22.7W (hard to find - down some cliffs, near Amon Dîn, take a roundabout route to get it, from the road at 48.9S - 22.8W) [48.5S, 22.7W] [48.9S, 22.9W]
4) 48.9S - 24.2W (just outside Amon Dîn) [48.9S, 24.2W]
5) 48.9S - 30.1W (on the road to Nardol, head south on a Wose road then west; or simply south from the road to Nardol at 48.4S - 30.2W) [48.9S, 30.1W] [48.4S, 30.2W]
6) 44.2S - 29.2W [44.2S, 29.2W]
Treasure locations in Taur Drúadan