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I have added information about reinforcements when taking camps, reinforcements will arrive in the form of a nemesis angmarin warlord (confirmed). I believe the warlord will also arrive at bulwarks if you take to long to take down a wave of attackers, this should be tested though. --Luukjn 13:22, 16 September 2008 (PDT)

Fellowship composition

Just completed the Battlefield which the following teams: Defending the Bulwarks: Guardian and Captain. Claiming the Encampments: 2 Champions, Hunter and Minstrel.

I would content that for the Bulwarks Guardian and Captain is optimal. Minstrel and LM are worse choices for healer at the Bulwarks because their need to worry about drawing aggro. Our defending team lost a single melee npc in both camps and was never really in trouble.

For the attacking team the composition suggested in the article (tank, healer, cc and dps) is a solid one. However, it lacks the speed our team had. Many of the individual fights are in tight spots and/or have several "normal" mobs. In both situations the AOE damage from 2 champions seems to be enough to make CC mostly unnecessary. Hunter and Minstrel can provide secondary CC when tactically advisable (Orc camp mainly). Flambergius 14:16, 10 October 2008 (PDT)