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Skironk is available as solo and fellowship (6man) but need to be unlocked.
From the release notes:
  • Two new dungeons are now available! Explore Carchost, the Towers of the Teeth and Skoironk, the Maggot-holes, each with its own landscape, solo resource instance, and group resource instance.
Assorted comments from the forums.
I'm not sure if this is a serious post or not since you said you competed all the quests and then list quests you haven't completed, but I will answer anyway. You have to complete the LR quest(s) that you haven't completed. You can actually open the 6-man dailies by only doing a select chain through LR and skipping some others, but you might as well do them while you're there.
You also have to complete the fellowship landscape quests in ToT and Skoironk. You're tasked with killing trolls/sorcs in ToT and orc bruisers/overseers in Skoironk. Took me forever to figure this out.
Depends where you are in the LR quest chain. Once you have done the leadership quest, to kill the two leaders, then you will get the quests that take you into the fellowship areas of the Towers and the maggot hole (kill trolls and sorcerors in the towers, kill overseers and bruisers in Skoironk, both done in open world, not closed instance). Once those are done, the instances will open.
You need to complete "Overseers in the Maggot-holes" for Skoironk and "Sorcerers in the Tower" for Towers of the Teeth. The Overseers are behind the Sturdy Gates, at the back of the room. The Sorcerers are likewise at the end of the Tower, and you need a fellowship to kill them. There's another quest also, you need to kill 12 Mordor Bruisers for Skoironk, also behind the sturdy gate, i forgot the name of the quest. And you need to kill 10 Mordor War-Trolls for "Waiting in the Darkness" quest for Tower of Teeth. Once you complete these quests, the fellowship crafting instance is available from Candur.
A writeup of unlocking the Fellowship instances is:

The full sequence to unlock the crafting instances


Originally posted by Mathili:  ;
Start at the Camp of the Host, with the chain of quests with the dog Faroth. After finishing this, you should get the vector quest to Haerondir.
In Haerondir, you'll get three quests in different directions, you only need to do the ones in Dum Boha (including the landscape quests you get when arriving there).
After handing these in, you'll get a vector quest to the camp in the Slag Hills.
In the Slag Hills camp, you get start the solo quest chain (no need for the fellowship quests), until you are asked to enter Skoironk and Carchost.
Enter both, and remember to do all landscape quests once again (easiest to miss is the gathering of the relics in Carchost, it starts with an item to pick up, just left as you enter).
When you finished all these quests, head back to the camp in Slag Hills. You'll get a second set of quests for both Carchost and Skoironk. You only need to do the Skoironk quests (you can skip the second round of Carchost quests).