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???? not certain if what I've done is correct...

A level 20 Lore Master who traits Hardy Companion enables shatter arms for the bear, with the stats:

22-26 Common Damage
+10% Incoming Meele Damage
+10% Incoming Ranged Damage
Cost 48 Power

Without Hardy Companion slotted the Bear does NOT have the skill available.

I don't really understand how to find out the pet level. Based on what is written, the implication is that a lvl 20 LM has a lvl 18 pet -- which does not have the skill available. However, if the LM slots Hardy Companion, (and one gets "Improved Friend of Bear," the summoned Bear apparently gets a level boost and becomes Lvl 19, thereby making the skill available.

One possible answer is that "Hardy Companion" is actually a "level booster," and the bonuses stated for it are in fact the "steps" between levels.
Duh... just looked at the tool tip for Hardy Companion -- The first "bonus,: "+1 Level"
Interestingly, if you remove "Hardy Companion" while a pet is summoned, the pet is dismissed when you "confirm" your selection -- makes sense.

Note that the Raven does NOT loose "distraction" only the Bear.

Accordingly, I inserted the values at lvl 19 rather than level 20.


Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC (talk) 22:12, 28 April 2012 (EDT)